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Nketa is a high density suburb found in Bulawayo. It is named after the traditional heritage site of Nketa Hill which is of significance because this is where the citizens of King Lobengula’s kingdom were assembled and divided according to cultural ethnicity. The suburb was built in the early 1990s and is subdivided into 4 main sections. The sections’ numbering begins from 6 to 9 i.e. Nketa 6, 7, 8 and 9. It is also notable that the sections were numbered in no distinct order.

It is also a constituency of Parliament.


Nketa hosts quite a number of service facilities such as schools, recreational centres, medical facilities, a library, and of course religious centres. Quite interestingly, not only was the Tavern in Nketa 7 built right behind a library but it is also located across two Churches. This means that the loud music and activity from the Tavern can sometimes interfere with the serenity of these places.

Since Nketa is located in Bulawayo, the main language of communication is, but not limited to isiNdebele.


In the 2013 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Nketa returned to Parliament:

  • Phelela Masuku of MDC–T with 7 649 votes or 55.08 percent,
  • Elifasi Mashaba of Zanu PF with 3 817 votes or 27.49 percent,
  • Charles Mpofu of MDC–N with 1 931 votes or 13.91 percent,
  • 3 others with 489 votes or 3.52 percent.

Total 13 886 votes

ZEC has released results from the 21 June 2023 nomination court for Bulawayo. [1]
Nketa Constituency


  1. ZEC releases Bulawayo Nomination Court results, Chronicle, Published: 22 June 2023, Retrieved: 22 June 2023

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