Susan Chenjerai

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Susan Chenjerai
BornSusan Chenjerai
  • Pastor
Known forBeing an actress and musician
ChildrenJane, Daisy, Priscilla

Susan Chenjerai is a Zimbabwean actor and musician. She is well known for portraying the character Mai Rwizi in the comedy Mukadota. She is now a full time pastor with The New Gospel Church of God.


She grew up in Mbare. She has six daughters three of whom are musicians. [1] She was married to the late cleric Lovemore Mobate.[2]


Chenjerai joined Mukadota's band Safe Brothers in 1969. Before joining the Safe Brothers she was part of the Bantu Actors in 1951 and with Marandellas Bush Babies in 1958. She also worked with big names such as the Wagon Wheels, a band where she met Oliver Mtukudzi before working with Mukadota.

She has also recorded with Jordan Chataika. She was at school when Mukadota approached her after he heard her singing at Majubeki. When she started singing with Mukadota she was working at Willards before she quit. She then got a job at OK and stopped touring with Mukadota whom she said in an interview was now moving around with other girls such as Katarina. She also revealed in the interview with Daily News that although they used to get money, she never used to make much because she would just get what Mukadota would give her hence the decision to get a job at OK Zimbabwe.[3]

Career As Mai Rwizi

Chenjerai portrayed the character Mai Rwizi who was Mukadota's wife. She portrayed the character in Mhuri yekwaMataka and later, Mhuri yaVaMukadota.

Career As A Pastor

She says she got her calling to be a pastor after she got married in the 1970s, during the time she was at OK, She left showbiz and started ministering with her husband.[4]


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