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What is intended to do


The Example shows 3 citations[1][2][3] defined solely by their PubMed PMID unique identifier numbers, which were wikitext-coded in one simple box, so the code to attach many references to one statement will shrink.

The 'name' parameter is autoset to pmid12345678 in case pmid=12345678.

There can be as many as actually 50 pmids separated by |.


ref tags are not needed because they are created by this template

better example:

...statement a)[1][2][3]

...statement b)[4][5][6]

...statement c)[7][8]

and the ultimate references section with all of them

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Real-world running application

Runs in the first 15 items of Fibrosis and related Concepts in Organ Diseases, Tumor Biology and Regenerative Medicine selected bibliography

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