Trevor Mtisi

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Trevor Mtisi works as the Assistant Station Manager at Kumakomo Community Radio Station, part of Kumakomo Trust. He is also involved in Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations.

Personal Details


No other information could be found on his age, place of birth, or family.

School / Education

Sakubva High School.
2010 – Zimbabwe Open University.
2011 - Marymount Teachers College.
2014 - Africa University.

Service / Career

Manager - Wellazone Entertainment.
Assistant Station Manager - Kumakomo Community Radio Station.


Trevor Mtisi wrote: Two Zimbabwean farmers, Ruramiso Mashumba and Bright Nezomba of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union attending the August 2015 Youth in Agriculture Summit for Southern Africa in Durban, got a standing ovation from delegates when videos of their successful agricultural stories were beamed live. [3]

Trevor Mtisi wrote: In March 2016, the formation of a community radio listening club in Sakubva’s Ward 5 in Mutare was well received. It gives them the ability to share experiences with fello w artists and residents, and assist development of musicians and producers. They listen to some pre recorded programmes from other wards, as many residents, especially those in Dangamvura receive poor signals and they have resorted to using satellite links for quality reception. But with the formation of listening clubs, residents now have an opportunity to make their own programmes, discussing issues that affect them as a particular ward, and come up with solutions to these peculiar problems.
K.C.R.S. secretary Mandy Kanyemba expressed pleasure in the reception from the people of Mutare. “This has forced us to try and create more listening clubs out of the twelve that we currently have. Residents can now share their experiences with other members in different wards. As we remain committed to adding value to the community that we serve, we have added another chip, in the form of a monthly newsletter that will help us to cover the whole city in terms of responsiveness to issues affecting their well being”.

Trevor Mtisi wrote: Upon her September 2018 appointment as minister responsible for information, publicity and broadcasting services portfolio, Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS) congratulated Monica Mutsvangwa. With the new dispensation, they looked forward to a better media sector which served the community under the “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” philosophy. As community broadcasters, they wished work in developing the country, and playing a role of promoting access to information to all citizens including those in rural communities.
The 28 members of ZACRAS, have awaited licenses for close to two decades, since the broadcasting services act was promulgated, and drew your attention to the fact that Zimbabwe remains one of only two countries in the region together with Swaziland without licensed community radios. [5]

A meeting to celebrate World Radio Day commemorations was held in Mutare in February 2019, organised by the Mutare based Kumakomo Community Radio Station (KCRS) initiative, under the theme, “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.” Mayor Blessing Tandi, spoke, saying radio to the people is necessary. However, the media should be impartial and put the interests of the community first. As media you should not abuse your powers as well but be apolitical, which is why community radios are important as they are not owned by government or private entities.” Radio serves as a more convenient information sharing platform citing that it was more popular and easily accessible than television because of its wide reach.
The licensing of community radio stations in Zimbabwe is provided for in the Broadcasting Services Act (BSA), under a three-tier broadcasting system comprising, public, commercial and community broadcasting. Community radio stations are however still to be licensed and legally recognised in Zimbabwe since the enactment of the BSA in 2001. Currently, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has only licensed national and regional commercial and public radio stations. Successive ministers during the Robert Mugabe era refused to entertain discussions on licensing of community radio stations and maintained a repressive approach to media freedoms, but the new dispensation government has opened up to dialogue after the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa last year revealed Government’s intentions to amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) and Broadcasting Services Act to accommodate the licensing of community radio stations among many other media reforms. In February 2019, Cabinet repealed AIPPA to align laws to the Constitution. The repeal of AIPPA will give rise to three legal instruments - the Access to Information Bill, the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill and the Protection of Personal Information/Data Protection Bill.
KCRS coordinator Trevor Mtisi said since they acquired their deed of trust in 2006 they have been pushing for licensing but sadly can only operate through social media platforms, production of CDs with educative programmes and community outreach programmes. According to the independent media advocacy watchdog, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe, community radio stations are a necessity and the best medium that can promote culture and ethnic languages of marginalised communities. Zimunya’s Ward 32 councillor Herbert Gonyora encouraged communities to support community radio initiatives citing how they helped his ward to mainstream developmental issues and constructively debate on them. He also urged government to strongly consider licensing of community radio stations. [6]

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