Zimbabwe Strongest Man

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This profile is intended for individuals who currently hold or have previously held the title of Zimbabwe's Strongest Man or those who claimed to be Zimbabwe's Strongest men.

Arnold Zikhali

In 2023, Arnold Zikhali claimed to be the strongest man in Zimbabwe after pulling a fully-loaded train wagon weighing 56 tonnes sing only his shoulders for a distance of 100 meters at the National Railways of Zimbabwe in Harare. Arnold Zikhali, is a member of the Zimbabwe National Army. This remarkable feat follows his previous accomplishment of pulling two 30-tonne trucks, further solidifying his position as Zimbabwe's Strongest Man. Zikhali is affectionately known as Mr Strongman by his legion of fans.

Jonathan Muvingi

Prior to this, in approximately 2021, Jonathan Muvingi was widely acknowledged as the strongest man in the country. At a certain point in time, Jonathan Muvingi held the title of national professional wrestling champion in the Open category, further contributing to his already impressive reputation. Muvingi's strength and physical prowess were also demonstrated when he became the first individual to successfully pull a 30-tonne truck in recent years.

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