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Seh Calaz called in for questioning over new song

6 years ago
Tue, 04 Oct 2016 03:40:58 GMT
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Seh Calaz called in for questioning over new song

Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz was called in for questioning by music regulating authorities over his new song “No Under 18” which was censored by the Censorship Board which they said had morally inappropriate content.

Speaking through his manager, King George, he told NewsDay yesterday that they felt this was a selective application of the law after indications by the police that they were investigating the matter. He said,

We were called in by the regulating authorities in as far as music is concerned to give our side of the story in relation to that song as they felt there are some lines in the song which violate set regulations. But the surprising thing is why he is being singled out? There are a lot of people in and out of dancehall with far explicit songs and have never been called in for questioning. Are you telling me theses regulatory bodies have not heard these songs?

King George added that local radio stations played songs with worse content and got away with it, insisting that the lyrics on the songs were clean.

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