Mugabe responds to controversies surrounding Dokora's new curriculum

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Mugabe responds to controversies surrounding Dokora's new curriculum

Speaking in an interview aired on  ZBC TV to celebrate his 93rd birthday, President Robert Mugabe said that he was not even sure if Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora’s new curriculum would succeed.

Said Mugabe:

But if it is as has been reported in the press kuti tavakuenda kuma Grades One upwards, the lower part, vanoita Science ne Mathematics in vernacular, I am not sure kuti curriculum yakare yaimboti chii, ende angaite here ma syllabus eMathematics in vernacular, kuti angaakwanise here?

He said he hoped that Dokora was not trying to do a “Swahili” exercise which will compromise the pupil’s understanding of the English language as they would have been taught in vernacular. Said Mugabe:

I am sure he (Dr Dokora) is not trying to do a “Swahili” exercise on part of our system. They (Tanzanians) were very proud of their language, Swahili, and they were saying why not develop our Swahili and make it the language in which the learning is done.The French don’t have to do, you know, their study in English, they do it in their own language French, the Germans the same, so we the Tanzanians we should do the same. That was the thinking yanaNyerere vasingazive kuti, ah vanaFrance nanaGermany ndivo maoriginators of the learning and they had developed their systems over a long, longer period.
They succeeded anyway kuTanzania, but at expense, great expense of their English ability. They had managed what others had not managed, what they had not done and I don’t think Dokora wanted to start that.

Mugabe also said that Dokora wants some innovation. President Mugabe said Dr Dokora had disputed claims that he was introducing Muslim in the country’s education system through the new curriculum.

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