Zanu PF and Temba Mliswa accused of 'vote buying' at UZ Elections

7 years agoThu, 11 May 2017 01:28:11 GMT
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Zanu PF and Temba Mliswa accused of 'vote buying' at UZ Elections

Opposition politician Job Sikhala has accused Zanu-PF and Norton Legislator Temba Mliswa of buying votes to influence the outcome of the University of Zimbabwe SRC elections.  Writing on his facebook post, Sikhala said:

The last Friday SRC elections where a ZANU PF aligned candidate won the SRC Presidency and the ZINASU aligned won Vice-Presidency has traits of the problems Zimbabwe face everytime we go for elections. The ZANU PF candidate won with around 1400 and the opposition candidate had 1200 votes. Themba Mliswa fielded candidate had 900 votes.

I had the opportunity to be there to witness what happened. When I went for lunch at the UZ Senior Common Room, ZANU PF has several cars parked in the Senior Common Room car park. They had an ML 230 whose boot was opened the whole day with a queue of students who were showing the pictures of the candidate whom they have voted for and given $10 each. ZANU PF did not only employ the ML 320 vehicle. There was a Range Rover Sport packed next to it clothed in Grace Mugabe ‘s pictures. There were other 5 small cars that were running the errands. In addition, they deployed two Kombis that did errands to Halls of residence collecting students to come and cast their votes. These students for some seconds where given a free kombi ride and a $10 on top. They appeared excited by happiness of the moment.

Two days earlier before the voting day Themba Mliswa came at the University with a sack of money at the campus and embarked on a vote buying spree when the opposition candidate was watching in shock and disillusionment. The opposition candidate had no single dollar. He was pathetically looking for financial help and no one and if I say no one I mean everyone, ever came to his assistance. He had with him only his charisma and poor self. He could not afford a single flier or a poster. He is one candidate who pulled 1200 votes without putting even a lole pork or a sweet on the table.


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ZANU PF takes even the elections even of a toilet sweeper with the seriousness beyond imagination whilst we in the opposition takes things for granted. It’s not simply to expect us to be voted because elections are taking place at the institution “of civilisation “. Here we are with the so called “institution of civilisation ” where 1400 where corrupted with a $10 and a free kombi ride to the polling station. Guys the time to take this struggle for granted is over. We need to work and work very hard.



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