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Anne Nhira criticises local producers for hiring Zodwa Wabantu

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Anne Nhira criticises local producers for hiring Zodwa Wabantu

Actress Anne Nhira, who is famous for portraying Vimbai Jari on yesteryear soapie Studio 263, has criticised local organisers for hiring South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu and asking her to perform at the Harare International Festival. She also decried the fact that the organisers were looking for foreign talent while ignoring local talent. Writing on Facebook, Nhira said:

Zimbabwe’s tourism sector, which should be one of the instigators of local exhibitions calls a ‘South African’ socialite, not celebrity. A socialite named provocateur Zodwa.

In this case, Zodwa dances with no panties and posts naked pictures on social media. How does that qualify her to be a Zimbabwe national tourist attraction and to attend a function of the highest stature this year?

…we have one of the highest unemployment rates and whatever Zodwa, a South African provocateur who is not even one of the top socialites in South Africa is [sic] getting paid could have gone to another young Zimbabwean woman who has worked tirelessly and does so decently, or a dancer if the intention was that particular? We have dancers and socialites in Zimbabwe who would benefit from this national tourist exposure

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