Govt urged to embrace GMOs to improve harvests and lower production costs

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Govt urged to embrace GMOs to improve harvests and lower production costs

Zimbabwean scientist Christopher Chetsanga has urged the government to adopt genetically modified crops as they are the future of food production. He dismissed claims that they are not healthy saying that his work in the United States for the past 20 years shows that the claims are unfounded.

Speaking at a Non-Aligned Movement (Nam) Science and Technology technical meeting Chetsanga said,

I encourage the government to adopt GMOs. They are the answer to the world’s hunger crisis and they are the future of food production everywhere.

I have been told several times that the ban on GMOs is on health grounds, but I have worked in the United States before in this field and I can safely tell you that US people have been eating GMOs for over 20 years and there are no such health fears.

…This means that GMOs manipulated in this way could be significantly healthier than their non-GMO counterparts.

However, Deputy minister in the ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Godfrey Gandawa dismissed Chetsanga’s position saying:

The government’s position remains the same; GMOs are not allowed in the country. We challenge scientists to prove us wrong on health issues. There is need for a thorough research if that policy is to change in future.

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