Zimbabweans Invade UK Embassy & Remove Mugabe's Photo " to demonstrate the diaspora’s frustration"

5 years ago
Fri, 29 Sep 2017 08:40:31 GMT
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Zimbabweans Invade UK Embassy & Remove Mugabe's Photo " to demonstrate the diaspora’s frustration"

By ZHRO Human Rights Charity

On the 24th September 3 women from our membership, including our Chair, and assistant Treasurer made a 3-way impassioned live video on Facebook at their disgust at the Mugabe regime’s vindictive persecution of Pastor Evan.

They stated their affirmation to follow the Pastor’s call for “Let’s do something about it”
ZHRO executive members then launched a campaign to invite all Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans to meet at 11:00 am on Wednesday the 27th September. These invitations were sent out to many organisations with a tagline of #ShutdownZimEmbassy.

On the 27th September at 11:00 am many Zimbabweans from our organisation met along with Zapu (whose transport was supported by Coventry Asylum Seekers And Refugee Action Group (CARAG) ROHR, MDC, and MaZimbabweYesWeCan MZYWC.

Led by the ZHRO Chair we all entered the Embassy at around 11:30 am. The video of this was taken and was posted live on the ZHRO Charity’s Facebook Site. Various symbolic actions took place inside the Embassy to demonstrate the diaspora’s frustration concerning vote rigging and the disenfranchisement of the diaspora in the claimed up-coming 2018 elections – currently being rigged by the Zanu PF controlled ZEC.

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The symbolic removal of Mugabe’s portrait was done to demonstrate the necessary removal of power of the entire Zanu PF regime. The violence, corruption, intimidation and vote rigging of the Zanu PF party cannot be tolerated any longer. Zimbabweans need to take this act here in the UK as a sign, that the end of Zanu PF is approaching. We fully understand that the removal of a Mugabe portrait in Zimbabwe is a “criminal act”, but only because of a preposterous belief that Mugabe is some kind of ‘deity’. This is patently a false belief but reinforced by a military and police dictatorship.

It is high time the World called time on “Mugabe’s Madhouse” and sought a ‘regime change’ as has been done in so many other Countries.

Now the “Mugabe’s Madhouse” is a quote from a headline from Bloomberg.com, the World Renown Financial reporting news channel. Part of our protest and highlighted on the ZHRO Facebook site is the indisputable fact that Zimbabwe’s Financial situation is in complete collapse. This has been precipitated by the introduction of the Zimbabwean Bond Note, with the aim to steal US dollars from everyone within Zimbabwe. From Bloomberg’s perspective this has also trapped several external fund-managers financial holding in the Zimbabwean Stock Market – which is in a false bubble due to the impending hyperinflation caused by the uncontrolled and unsupported introduction of a Bond Note at a preposterous rate equivalent to one US dollar – according to one SA Fund manager the Bond Note is now trading effectively below 40 cents.

The Mugabe led and controlled Zanu PF regime is not a legitimate Government due to past and previous vote rigging and mass intimidation. Therefore, we cannot take it as the ruling party and it must stand down immediately. The mass looting by, and permitted by patronage, will stop forthwith and those who have benefitted will need to return assets and all financial instruments back to a “Zimbabwe Recovery Fund” [to be established and administered by the New Development Bank (NDB) – the BRICS Bank]

This fund will be used to rebuild infrastructure and to rebuild the Farming capacity across all of Zimbabwe. This will all be done under International Human Rights auspices to avoid corruption and violence from the outgoing indoctrinated ZANU PF regime and their brainwashed membership



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