Mugabe blasts Zanu-PF members who go to prophets for political power

6 years agoWed, 01 Nov 2017 20:06:11 GMT
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Mugabe blasts Zanu-PF members who go to prophets for political power

President Robert Mugabe has blasted Zanu-PF members who go to prophets for political expediency. Mugabe said this while speaking at the burial of the national hero Don Muvuti on Wednesday at the National Heroes Acre.

Said Mugabe:

Maelections arikuuya aya, vamwe ndivo vanoenda vachinoti ndiudzei munhu waMwari kuti vacharamba vakadaro here kana kuti vachakwiridzirwa. Wonzwa konzi uchaitwa Vice President, kana kuti kanaPresident vaenda, ndiwe uchatora chigaro chepamusoro. Hatidi pfungwa dzakadai. Vamwe ndivo vanono raper zvichinzi zvinopa lucky, vakadai ndovanofanira kufira mutirongo. (Elections are coming, some go to prophets asking if they will retain their positions or if they will be promoted. Then you hear them being told you will be made Vice President or you will become President when Mugabe dies. We do not want such a mentality. Some rape women because they have been told it brings luck. Such people will rot in jail.)

In 2014 before Vice President Joice Mujuru was ousted, Mugabe claimed that she consulted n’anga’s (witch doctors) so that she can become President. Said Mugabe at the time:

One of the n’angas said look for two river beetles of different colours. One should be named Mugabe and the other should be called Mujuru and put them in water. That’s what happened. They were made to fight and if Mugabe’s beetle dies, then she will rule. How, if mine won against yours . . . It seems that is what happened then.

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He also said Mujuru at one time attempted to force the apostolic sect led by one Mutumwa to anoint her as heir to the throne. But he said the church refused saying as long as Mugabe, who was “appointed by God” was alive, she would not succeed him.



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