"The 15 November Coup Of Chiwenga And ED Is Doomed!" - Moyo Warns of November Curse

5 years ago
Thu, 11 Jan 2018 07:18:35 GMT
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"The 15 November Coup Of Chiwenga And ED Is Doomed!" - Moyo Warns of November Curse


Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction strategist Professor Jonathan Moyo seems to have turned to spirituality as he warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy, General (Retired) Constantino Chiwenga that their administration is doomed because they violated the sacred month of November. Mnangagwa came into power in November 2017, after General Chiwenga and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched a military intervention, which ultimately resulted in the fall of former president Robert Mugabe and the ascendancy of his former deputy. Moyo accused Chiwenga and Mnangagwa of launching a military coup in the month of November, which is considered sacred by local tradition and argues that because they violated this sacred month, they are doomed not to last. According to local culture, no important events and rituals should take place in November.

Speaking on Twitter, Moyo says:

In Zimbabwe November is sacred. Anything with spirituality done in the month is doomed. It’s the #NovemberCurse. You ignore it only at your peril. A marriage in November fails, or worse happens. Smith’s 11 November UDI failed. So, the 15 November coup of Chiwenga & Ed is doomed!

During this month everything with links to the spiritual and ancestral world of indigenous traditions temporarily ceases to function. The ancestors are on leave and without the ancestor’s blessings, all social, economic and political aspects of human existence are doomed to fail.

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#TheNovemberCurse. Does the Zanu PF Couburo really believe that it can get a partisan ad hoc committee to do what the Cabinet has failed to do to about crazy prices of basic commodities that started skyrocketing with the 15 Nov coup? #TheNovemberCurse!

Traditionalists claim that former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage to Locardia Karimatsenga collapsed because Tsvangirai performed the customary rites for marriage in the month of November in 2011. After the relationship, collapsed Tsvangirai went on to marry his current wife Elizabeth Macheka.

This is not the first time that the former Zanu-PF strategist has declared that President Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces generals will not last. Speaking in November, Moyo said

Only an idiot would think it is smart for a genocidal junta to violently shoot itself into power to install a fellow genocidal gukurahundist under the mantra of stockholder entitlement. If you & your lot think that will last, then you ain’t seen nothing yet; come rain or shine!



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