Full Text: NPF Defends Mugabe, Says Attacks By Mnangagwa Are Threatening Peace And Stability

5 years agoTue, 13 Mar 2018 17:54:19 GMT
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Full Text: NPF Defends Mugabe, Says Attacks By Mnangagwa Are Threatening Peace And Stability

Unconstitutional attacks on President Robert Mugabe must stop

13 March 2018-Harare: The NPF calls on the ZanuPF-Junta and its associated propaganda mouthpieces to stop their rabid, divisive and unconstitutional attacks on President Mugabe that have gone out of control and are now threatening peace and stability in the country.

The past week has seen outrageous and desperate attacks on President Robert Mugabe by Emmerson Mnangagwa, youths of ZanuPF-Junta and its propaganda mouthpieces in the print and electronic media. Some of these attacks, such as those regarding President Mugabe’s legally protected personal banking, are in direct violation of banking laws and a violation of his constitutional right to privacy.

While NPF does not speak for President Mugabe, we take exception to the self-evident and thus unavoidable fact that the unconstitutional attacks on President Mugabe by ZanuPF-Junta are directly linked to the audience he gave at his Blue Roof Residence to NPF’s President and Presidential candidate for the 2018 general elections. Rtd Brig General Ambrose Mutinhiri.

Everyone can see that the intimidation, blackmail and demon’ sation of President Mugabe is designed:

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  •  to prevent him from exposing the fact that the 15 November 2017 military coup was unconstitutional;
  •  to deny him his constitutional rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association; and
  • to force him to legitimatise and endorse the election of the very same people who criminally and unconstitutionally removed him from office through a bloody military coup and who are now illegally and illegitimately running the country through ZanuPF-Junta.

Claims of a new democratic and new constitutional dispensation are absurd when made by the same people who caused hell for President Mugabe by unconstitutionally removing him from office in a humiliating manner that brutalised his supporters, while others were tortured, killed or internally and externally displaced, want to get away with their brutality by having the same humiliated President to now humiliate himself at the expense of his constitutional rights by endorsing his coup tormentors under the pretext of a fraudulent transition.

It is ironic that coup propagandists fatuously say President Mugabe should emulate President Zurna by endorsing Mnangagwa and campaigning for the election of ZanuPF-Junta. How can that be, President Zuma is right to endorse President Cyril Ramaphosa and to campaign for the ANC, not least because the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) did not violate the South African constitution by stooping low to hijack the ANC and take sides between Zurna and Ramaphosa. There’s no ANC-SANDF in South Africa.

NPF calls on ZanuPF-Junta and its propagandists to reflect hard on the following words of wisdom by President Ramaphosa made last month days after he was elected, not imposed by the military after a coup but elected, after a peaceful constitutional transition, President of the Republic of South Africa said:

“We sleep peacefully at night knowing that we are well protected as South Africans, and we say thank you to all of you. This year, these celebrations carry, what I would call, a profound and special meaning for our nation. They occur at a time when our defence force has once again confirmed the depth of the roots of our democracy and the flourishing of constitutional order in our country. They occur as our nation celebrates the change of leadership in the governing party, without oven having any appetite for senseless bloodshed because our defence force is led by wise men and women who abide by the ideal of the supremacy of our Constitution and the rule of law”.

It is quite clear to all law-abiding Zimbabweans that it is the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) that should emulate the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). NPF urges the SADC Electoral Advisory Council (SEAC), that is currently in the country to assess Zimbabwe’s readiness to hold free, fair and credible elections, to take grave notice of the rabid and unconstitutional attacks on President Mugabe. Taken against the backdrop of the 15 November 2017 military coup, whose consequences are only now coming to the fore, these unconstitutional attacks pose a clear and present threat to peace and stability not only in Zimbabwe but also in the Sadc region.

In this regard, NPF will provide SEAC with written representations to show beyond all rational and legal doubt that it is impossible for a military Junta that came to power via the gun—as did the ZanuPF-Junta last November—to organise free, fair and credible elections; unless major disruptive steps are put in place by the international community to demilitarise and level the political, legal and constitutional environments.


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