Vendors Re-emerge To Swamp The Streets Of Harare At Night

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Vendors Re-emerge To Swamp The Streets Of Harare At Night

Harare’s CBD has once again been invaded by vendors, albeit they conduct their business at night. In the past few weeks, vendors had become rare after the City Council and police launched a combined blitzkrieg, harassing vendors and confiscating their wares.

However, as the economy continues to sink, vendors have re-occupied their usual vending sites, on the city’s pavements. It has become a matter of survival.

In an interview with the Daily News, National Vendors Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Sten Zvorwadza said

Informal economy workers were chased away from the streets without corresponding strategies to enable them to survive outside the streets. Chasing them was just a waste of time. Vendors are not back on the streets by choice, they are trying to earn a living.

Survival Vendors Union of Zimbabwe vice chairperson Obey Mwariwangu concurred with Zvorwadza. He had this to say

We have nowhere to go as our lives are on the streets. It defies logic that the very system that forced us onto the streets is chasing us away. Where do they expect us to go? We are not radicals that are defying government orders. We are just trying to earn a living.


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