On the 23rd of June 2018 an attempt was made on Emmerson Mnangagwa's life when a bomb exploded at the Zanu-PF Bulawayo campaign rally that was held at the White City Stadium.

Emmerson Mnangagwa left the stage with several other high-level Zanu-PF members, there was a blast very close to him. Mnangagwa survived the blast with no injuries but others including Marry Chiwenga (wife of Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga) and Kembo Mohadi, sustained injuries.

Commenting on the incident, Mnangagwa said that the "cowardly" act would not get in the way of the peaceful elections.

The Incident

An explosion rocked White City Stadium in Bulawayo where Mnangagwa was addressing people at a campaign rally. Mnangagwa was not hurt and was safely evacuated to safety after the explosion.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was also safely evacuated. Several people were said to have been injured but the extent of the injuries was not established. The area around the VIP stage was cordoned off and security personnel collected evidence. Vice President Kembo Mohadi suffered leg injuries in the bomb blast. Minister of Water, Environment and Climate Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri was also injured. The two senior Government officials were admitted at a local hospital.


Reaction from leaders

Nelson Chamisa's reaction

MDC Alliance and presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa condemned all forms of violence in politics after an explosion went off at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium where president Emmerson Mnangwagwa was holding a political rally.


Writing on Twitter, Chamisa said,

Terrible events at White City stadium. Our prayers go out to the injured and we hope no lives have been lost. Violence must have no place in our politics. May God bless and protect the country we all love

S B Moyo's reaction

Writing on his Twitter account Minister of foreign affairs Sibusiso Moyo said

Our prayers go out to all that have been injured in this afternoon’s events. While the security forces investigate, it is imperative for Zimbabweans to remain calm and united against any acts of violence. “Peace begins with me. Peace begins with you. Peace begins with all of us

Joyce Mujuru's reaction

Writing on her Twitter account Joyce Mujuru said:

Peace Peace should continue in Zimbabwe. It is unfortunate to hear what happened at White City Stadium. We continue praying for our Nation ZIMBABWE🇿🇼 to be Peaceful and resolve our issues peaceful

Jealousy Mawarire's reaction

Mawarire said

When Korah (Chiwenga) & Dathan (ED) rebelled against Moses (RGM) citing his age, some of us knew that God makes mad those He wants to destroy. Pliz Zimbabweans stay away from the tents of Korah & Dathan for God wants to introduce a new way of destroying his people's enemies

Tendai Biti's reaction

Biti said that:

Just hearing of the tragic events at a ZANU PF rally in Byo. Our thoughts and prayers are with all that have been injured and hurt in this tragedy. No matter our differences violence now or in the past should have no room in our discourse & should be condemned unreservedly.

Jonathan Moyo's reaction

Today's explosion at White City Stadium in Byo is a tragic reminder that the use of tanks, bombs, grenades & guns by whosoever against anyone to settle a political contest is barbaric. Nov 15, 2017, set a dangerous paradigm for politics in Zimbabwe. Violence begets violence. Sad!

David Coltart's reaction

I deeply shocked to hear about the explosion at President Mnangagwa’s rally in Bulawayo and grateful he survived. This must be condemned by all patriotic Zimbabweans. We must bring the cycle of violence to an end. My condolences are extended to all those affected by this.

Alex Magaisa's reaction

I know we all have many thoughts and theories on the news from Bulawayo. I only ask that we be responsible in our tweets and think of fellow citizens who have either lost their lives or are battling injuries. It’s not the right moment to show how clever we are.

Thomas Mapfumo's reaction

We are all the great people of Zimbabwe. Let's stand united and caring for each other. Use of violence & bloodshed to resolve issues is bad.

Temba Mliswa's reaction

Great response by @edmnangagwa, to the attempted assassination, very mature and the epitome of true leadership at its best. You win people's hearts by responding with love to such acts

Mnangagwa's comment on the incident

After the explosion that occurred at White City Stadium in Bulawayo where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was holding a rally, the president wrote on his social media account.

This afternoon, as we were leaving a wonderful rally in Bulawayo, there was an explosion on the stage. Several people were affected by the blast, and I have already been to visit them in the hospital. While we await further information, my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this senseless act of violence.

The campaign so far has been conducted in a free and peaceful environment, and we will not allow this cowardly act to get in our way as we move towards elections.

Let us continue to be united and address our differences peacefully. The strongest response to violence is peace. The strongest response to hate is love.

God Bless Zimbabwe

Incident in photos

Injured people
Injured people on the ground

Incident in video



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