FULL TEXT: Transform Zim President, Ngarivhume Castigates Ramaphosa Over Failure To Rebuke Mnangagwa For Violence Against Defenceless Citizens

5 years agoFri, 25 Jan 2019 06:34:56 GMT
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FULL TEXT: Transform Zim President, Ngarivhume Castigates Ramaphosa Over Failure To Rebuke Mnangagwa For Violence Against Defenceless Citizens

By Jacob Ngarivhume| Today South African president Cyril Ramaphosa defined the Zimbabwean problem as a Sanctions problem. While he was asking for sanctions to be removed President Ramaphosa forgot to talk about the ZANU PF sanctions imposed on the Zimbabwean people. He forgot

1. To talk about the brutality being perpetrated by the Mnangagwa Regime. He forgot to talk about the systematic door to door campaign being conducted by the Zimbabwean military to brutalise and silence defenceless citizens. He forgot to talk about how many people Mnangagwa and his military have murdered since taking over from Mugabe. So far more than 18 people have been murdered since August 1.

2. He forgot to talk about the fact that although Mnangagwa’s government slogan is “Zimbabwe is open for Business”, ED’s govt has not passed any meaningful legislation to change the economic laws which have stifled foreign direct investment coming to Zimbabwe. The same economic laws which destroyed our economy are still there. How can Zimbabwe be open for business when its LAWS SCREAM ZIMBABWE IS CLOSED FOR BUSINESS?
3. He forgot to talk about the corruption sanctioned by ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has lost billions of dollars since 1980 from corruption. ZANU PF has managed to destroy every industry and can not account for billions generated from gold and diamond mining. CAN RAMPHOSA explain how Mnangwagwa is dealing with corruption in ZANU PF when ED is the centre of that corruption
4. HE forgot to talk about the Black market being RUN by Mnangagwa’s friends and family in Zimbabwe
5. He forgot to talk about the fact that Zimbabwe continues to pillage its resources in exchange for more debt and weapons. He forgot to mention that ED just came back from Russia when he sold more of Zimbabwe’s minerals in exchange for advanced military technology. Why does Zimbabwe need more arms? So that ED can continue to conduct his war against the citizens.

6. Only last week the entire nation was plunged into an illegal internet shutdown by a mere overzealous minister, closing any prospects of the existence of a democratic space with freedom of expression and unfettered access to information.

The reason RAMAPHOSA and South Africa continue to block progressive forces in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa is that he is also part of the old dictatorship club that continue to benefit from corruption. People like Ramaphosa have betrayed everything that Nelson Mandela stood for which was political and economic freedom for all black Africans.

He has now become the spokesperson for the SOUTHERN AFRICAN DICTATORSHIP CLUB which supports black-on-black oppression and white oppression when it serves their interests. This breed of sellouts is only concerned with primitive accumulation to the detriment of our beloved continent! This must be fought with all means available!

Jacob Ngarivhume 
Transform Zimbabwe President

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