How Zimbabweans Are Reacting To Mnangagwa's New Advisory Council

5 years agoWed, 30 Jan 2019 19:44:02 GMT
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How Zimbabweans Are Reacting To Mnangagwa's New Advisory Council

Earlier today, a document containing a list of Zimbabwean business and religious leaders chosen to be part of President Mnangagwa’s new Advisory Council was leaked. The list includes prominent figures such as Shingi Munyeza, Kuda Tagwirei, Joe Mutizwa, Trevor Ncube and Sam Malaba.

Zimbabweans are reacting to the list on social media with some referring to it as a list of “Juntapreneurs” and some saying an advisory council will not solve the problems currently faced by government. Some, however, are in support of the new initiative.

Here are some of the most interesting reactions:

I just had a couple of “Et tu, Brute?” moments as I studied ED’s new kitchen cabinet, which ironically is also a faction-balancing exercise. But I did laugh at “They should be non-partisan”. Really?🤔 It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. – Alex Magaisa


The problem with accepting such an appointment – no matter how well intentioned you may be – is that you effectively have to gag and censor yourself. Cabanga with everything that has transpired this January alone singakayi khatshana – being a leader and not being able to object. – Mukololo


Dear Mr @edmnangagwa -What you lack is political -creating multilayers of advisors will not cure crisis -you are adding more chaos to your bureaucracy .Keen to see how this Council will work with Ministers,ministry & your office. – Glen Sungao Mpani


Who leaks official documents? or do governments plan to have official documents leaked? either way, this is an interesting collection of people for the advisory council – what are they advising Mnangagwa on? received via 8 whatsapp groups- at the same time – Chipo Dendere





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