6 Ways To Create You Own Website in ZImbabwe

5 years agoSun, 24 Feb 2019 19:08:00 GMT
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6 Ways To Create You Own Website in ZImbabwe

Getting your own website, whether you’re a company, individual, blogger, musician or a retailer, should not be a difficult task. There are ways to get started painlessly.

Here are 6 ways you can create a website in Zimbabwe.

1. Use WordPress.com, a free & quick tool

WordPress.com is the easiest way to create a website. You can literally be up and running within 10 minutes.

Your website address will be in the fashion of wordpress.com/ZhetRangu, so essentially you don’t get a very customised web address but it’s the fastest way to get started.

For people that want to blog, it’s a no brainer to choose WordPress.com first, because it was designed with bloggers in mind and it means you don’t have to invest in too much technical knowledge first before you start writing stuff!

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Get Started Here: wordpress.com


2. Use Webdev’s Sitebuilder

WordPress.com is great, but it doesn’t know you’re in Zimbabwe so if you try to upgrade your website to your own domain name, they’ll ask for payment in USD (Mastercard, VIsa etc…)

That’s what’s special about the Webdev Sitebuilder. It’s created for Zimbabwean customers so it accepts RTGS Dollars. Unlike WordPress.com, it has no free package so you need to be serious about your project whatever it is. You do get other advantages though, like being hosted in Zimbabwe which gives you a fast website for your local visitors. Also, you get a .co.zw domain which is great for easier identification by your would-be visitors.

That’s not all, you also get easier integration to their other services like classifieds.co.zw and Paynow.

Try it here: webdev.co.zw/sitebuilder


3. Use a free website builder like Squarespace

Squarespace allows you to build a professional website without the need to code anything. While Wordress.com is a great way to get started, it assumes bloggers first, so if you just want to build a beautiful website for your company or project, you would have to spend more time making it look nice.

Squarespace assumes that you just want a nice website and enables you to create one as quickly as possible. You can even quickly create an online shop.

Give it a try here: squarespace.com

What Squarespace can do, you can also find on Wix.com so try to check it out too.


4. Use Shopify for your online shop

This option is not for just any website. This is for people looking to create an online shop. Shopify is the current standard in creating online shops globally. Shopify will not just help you sell online via a website, it also has tools to help you sell on social media.

If you want to provide local payment methods using Shopify, you can integrate it with Paynow, which allows your customers to pay with EcoCash, OneMoney, Visa, Mastercard, and Vpayments.

Check it out here: shopify.com


5. Use WordPress.org

This is not as easy as WordPress.com but is important if you would like to host your own website. If you you don’t have experience hosting your own website, get a friend with some experience to help you. You can also just look for a professional locally to assist. There’s a list of Zimbabwean website designers and developers here.

6. Approach A Website Design & Development Company

There are some great website design and development companies locally that you can approach if you would like to outsource getting a professionally done website. Companies like Webdev, C2 Digital, Web Entangled, Calmlock  and others. Google them, call them and get a quote!

Don’t forget to also consider online freelancers on services such as elance.com, fiverr.com, freelancer.com. You’d have to pay with USD ofcourse.



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