How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mutodi's Claim Mugabe Killed More People

4 years agoMon, 25 Feb 2019 10:12:08 GMT
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How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mutodi's Claim Mugabe Killed More People

On Sunday the Deputy Minister for Information Energy Mutodi touched a raw nerve when he suggested that former President Robert Mugabe killed more people than his predecessor, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mutodi said then:

We have noted some words of repentance by former President Mugabe saying army must protect not kill. True that a few have lost lives in running battles with the police but that can not compare with Gukurahundi or the 2008 violence when he was at the helm.

Below is what Zimbabweans on Twitter said in response:

Douglas Mwonzora
‏Saka sahwira uri kuti iwe imi muri nani nokuti makauraya vashoma?

Sekuru Gudo Dotito Village Champ
‏Vari kuita competition yekuti akauraya vakawanda ndeupi nhai, playing games with human life!

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

‏Yohwe! Mashura aripano so!

For Gukurahundi, you cannot talk about Mugabe without talking about ED.

Mugabe alone should not be blamed for 2008, but mainly @edmnangagwa & Chiwenga. In any case, Mugabe tried to resign, but was stopped by ED and Chiwenga.

‏Now I am convinced that you are insane. Not only have you admitted that ZANU PF GOVT was responsible for Gukurahundi but you do not value life at all. There is no comparison you are all the same ZANU PF & a single life lost in your hands is the same as thousands.

Chalton Hwende (MP)
‏Saka murikuita competition yekutiuraya here🙆🏻‍♀️ musadaro so.

Thandekile Moyo
‏This mentality is of only a few… is flawed. We shouldn’t accept murderousness. You admit armed forces killed civilians. Great. All human life is sacred. We cannot trivialise the goriness of ED presiding over army murders because Bob’s tally was higher. Both must face the law.

Paidamoyo Mutsvairo
‏Sentiments of the former President, RGM, shows that he is just a bitter man who is failing to admit that he is no longer the Head of State. I think he is fighting on an opposition corner, reports have it that he is even planning to support the candidature of NERO pa congress..

Nicky S. Mugobera
I don’t think your PR comment is appropriate as a government official. Divisive comments are not expected of a sitting government official. It shows you are trying to justify bad by comparing to something you bad done before yet you were also in the zanu system praising Mugabe.

Citizens Forum Zimbabwe: Ironic you make reference to 2008 when Mugabe had accepted defeatED but was stopped by @edmnangagwa & Chiwenga. ED asked him to leave everything in his “capable” hands. He and Chiwenga then led a brutal campaign where hundreds were killed! Time will come, killers will answer!

Build Zimbabwe Alliance

It’s unbelievable isn’t it?

blessing chiutare

Any life lost Energy is important and you thing few is better. You would not be talking scrap if your family member had been the victims.
Who was the state security min during Gukurahundi and 2008 very dumb thing to say.

J. Aneh 🇿🇼

Don’t ever talk about 2008 and gukurahundi because it implicates your current prez since he was mixed up in all of this. Do you even think before you type or you are just the scape goat that has been sacrificed to say shit even if it doesn’t make sense.




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