White Farmer Explains "Farm Invasion" Video

Xaxa (Shasha)
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White Farmer Explains "Farm Invasion" Video

Richard Le Vieux explained an incident in Chipinge which went viral on social media recently.

The incident occurred on February 16 at Farfell Estate in Chipinge where Le Vieux and Mr Remembrance Mbudzana had a misunderstanding over part of the land which had been allocated to the latter. Mbudzana was offered the land after the first beneficiary Chief Aeneas Mapungwana had the farm repossessed by Government for failing to occupy the land. The farm was repossessed and re-allocated to Mr Mbudzana. Chief Mapungwana was offered subdivision 7 of Lot 1 of Gungunyana in Chipinge. The Herald reports, Le Vieux was using the land for eight years after he made a deal with the chief. In an interview with The Herald, Le Vieux recently confirmed that his farm was not under invasion. Said Le Vieux:

There is no farm invasion. It is only a misunderstanding. Government is assisting to correct the anomaly. Currently there are processes taking place and it is too early for me to comment but will be able to do so soon.

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