This Term Will Not End On Good Terms - Teachers Warn Govt

4 years ago
Fri, 01 Mar 2019 12:37:46 GMT
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This Term Will Not End On Good Terms - Teachers Warn Govt

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has warned the government that the first term will not end well if the latter fails to give in to the teachers’ demand that salaries should be hiked to $3 000.

PTUZ secretary general Raymond Majongwe said that teachers have now run out patience. Said Majongwe:

If they do not accede to this demand of $3 000, the government must realise that they are killing education because teachers will be moonlighting and doing other things, instead of teaching and definitely there will be another strike.

We can promise that this school term will not end on good terms if the government continues to bury its head in the sand and declares war on its workers. Teachers are suffering and they have been patriotic enough. Forewarned is forearmed.

We expect government and its functionaries to be humane, sober and honest. We did not suspend our strike from a position of weakness, and the government should not test our resolve. We have the capacity to cripple the education sector.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) president Sifiso Ndlovu agreed with his PTUZ counterpart:

We deserve to have an increment and restoration of our purchasing power. This means we are now going back to the negotiation table with a figure of more than $3 000. We were told that in April, they will increase salaries by $120, which is not enough and will not motivate employees.


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