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WATCH: Zimbabwean Hollywood Actress Danai Gurira Talks About Being Superhero

4 years ago
Thu, 07 Mar 2019 11:25:58 GMT
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WATCH: Zimbabwean Hollywood Actress Danai Gurira Talks About Being Superhero

In an interview with CNet, famous Zimbabwean Hollywood actress Danai Gurira, speaks about her role in the blockbuster Black Panther and the popular ABC series Walking Dead.

In a wide-ranging interview, Gurira also talks about growing up in Zimbabwe, the role of Michonne in the Walking Dead, how she is impacting the lives of young women around the world about pushing possibility boundaries.

She also talks about her NGOs, Love our Girls and  Almasi Arts:

Love our Girls is a nonprofit, but it doesn’t function as a nonprofit. It functions as an informational hub. You become aware of organizations and all the good work they’re doing, you want to support them, and you might find your activist soft spot. We’re dealing with causes from child brides to equal pay, HIV and mothers, recovering from sexual assault and the #MeToo movement. There’s so many different components to the struggles and the ways that women are pushing forward.

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I was born in the United States, lived here until I was 5 and then I was raised in Zimbabwe, so I’ve had this duality of cultural experience. That made me really want to see more people with talent get opportunities in their art form.

It’s trickier there to get educated in your field, to get access to opportunities. So it’s really about lessening the disparity between ability and access. We have fellowships. We bring Zimbabweans here doing degrees in the dramatic arts right now. We take Americans to Zimbabwe — they teach, they mentor. We have connections with American institutions. It’s about collaboration, because I do believe that Americans can learn a lot from Zimbabweans as well as Zimbabweans from Americans. Once people from different cultures collaborate and find artistic connections, beautiful things always happen.

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