PAC Deserves A Chance And It Must Tell ED The Truth

5 years agoSat, 09 Mar 2019 03:57:55 GMT
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PAC Deserves A Chance And It Must Tell ED The Truth

An editorial in The Zimbabwe Independent says the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) deserves a chance. It also advises the PAC that ED needs to be told the truth as they run the risk of falling for Zanu PF’s “politics of flattery”:

 Pac deserves a chance. Granted it must be scrutinised and criticised, but given a try. Its members seem ready to hit the ground running, though they ought to understand very well they have a mountain to climb.

Here is their biggest challenge: to be frank and upfront with Mnangagwa for him to abandon Mugabeism and embracing an alternative progressive democratic vision to rescue this troubled nation. This is fundamental.

For that to work they have to be independent-minded. They can’t afford to be captured and swallowed. They also can’t afford to embrace Zanu PF’s discredited politics of flattery, insults and delusions. That won’t work.

Given their credentials, exposure and experience, they must be able to avoid that.

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But we also happen to know men and women of similar and even greater reputations and integrity who faltered and got co-opted. When proximity to power, money and fame get involved, people change. Incentives will obviously be dangled before them. That will be the truest test of character for them. They also need to realise they are swimming with the sharks. Or they are in the belly of the beast. There is no room for naivety and gullibility.

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