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Kill Boredom And Get Smarter - Get An E-Book Reader.

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Kill Boredom And Get Smarter - Get An E-Book Reader.

So how do you kill time on those long boring flights or long distance journeys? I map out my plans someone says, I sleep someone said, I strategize another chap happily proclaimed. I read a magazine and try to make conversations with other passengers some guy said.

Simple question what will you do if for various reasons you can’t strategize on that particular trip or you can’t sleep, or your mind just won’t shut off? The biggest time killer of all times according to some sites is conversing and reading. Reading, when we were in high school was a tedious process that we had to do for a reason, to pass the final exams. however, reading carries a lot of benefits now than then as outlined below.

So, What Are The Benefits Of Reading

  • It helps your brain to be more active
  • The obvious one, it makes you smarter
  • it exposes you to new things, new knowledge, new experiences, new information, new problem-solving techniques
  • it improves memory
  • it increases desires towards achieving goals
  • it encourages positivity
  • it also lowers stress levels.
  • It develops your vocabulary.

Tech and Reading

Technology had enabled the tech-savvy generation to have virtual libraries. imagine having to carry 6 physical books on any journey because you may want to read them later. E-Book readers or simply e-readers have come in handy for the bookworms and all aspiring bookworms out there.

What is an E-Book Reader?

An E-Reader or E-Book Reader is a gadget that physically looks like a tablet but is made for reading books. It’s made to look like a book, feel like a book, however, unlike a book, you can store thousands of digital books on just one e-book reader. A  very popular example of an e-book reader is the Amazon Kindle.

How Does An E-Book Reader Work?

Like most mobile electronic devices it can connect to the internet and allow you to buy or download all your favorite books and save them in a library that you can access anytime. When reading a book it gives you many options like highlighting, making notes, mark pages, and there is an inbuilt dictionary to check on words you don’t know yet and other things you would need when reading a real physical book.

So, What Are The Pros Of Using An E-Book Reader?

  1. it comes in 2 versions one with backlight and one without. The one without will help preserve your eyes by not straining them when you are reading as you use the natural light or the source of light available wherever you are.
  2. You can adjust the font to a size that best suits you
  3. it has a lasting battery that can go for weeks without being recharged.
  4. it helps those who want to do a phone/computer detox as they get to read and relax but in a convenient modern way.
  5. It is significantly cheaper than phones and tablets
  6. Compared to phones and tablets which are sometimes flooded with notifications from several apps an e-book reader has no distractions and it allows a reader to concentrate.







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