Mudzidzi Wimbo's Aide Evicted From Church Shrine

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Mudzidzi Wimbo's Aide Evicted From Church Shrine

The late Madzibaba Wimbo’s aide Cosmas Hamadziripi Chihuri was evicted from Johane Masowe eChishanhu Vadzidzi VaJesu Church’s Madziwa Shrine.

Speaking to The Herald, Mudzidzi Grasteji U, confirmed the incident and said Chihuri was evicted for bad-mouthing the current church leadership, especially Mudzidzi Stabloni P (Ishmael Magodi). Said Mudzidzi Grasteji U:

What we gathered is that a caretaker at the shrine, Munhuwese Lestiweji A (Wilson Makope) alleged that Cosmas was labelling the current leader, Stabloni P a Satanist and a wizard who had no moral rights to lead the church. The caretaker allegedly mobilised patients to evict him from the shrine and I understand they forced his wife out as he (Cosmas Hamadziripi) was not present.

However, Munhuwese insisted that he did not facilitate Cosmas’ eviction as alleged. He said fellow church members were angered by Chihuri’s attack of the church’s leadership and acted upon themselves to evict him. Mudzidzi Wimbo, who was also known as Mudzidzi Majinetsa, died last year at the age of 96.

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