Police Urges Public To Assist In Fighting Crime

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Police Urges Public To Assist In Fighting Crime

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has appealed to the public to help in the fight against crime.

Speaking at the official launch of the reinvigoration of the Harare Suburban District Client Service Charter in Hatcliffe on  Friday, Harare Suburban District’s Chief Superintendent Smart Matongo said the police welcome public participation. Said Matongo:

ZRP has an open door and welcomes public participation in policing. Such a platform encourages the mutual exchange of ideas, the chief aim being that of facilitating a crime-free society. Your ideas and participation in policing is an important treasure which has perennially allowed us as the ZRP to grow in providing the highest international standard of policing. While crime knows no boundaries, I urge you all to work together with local police, put resources together, share information to expose crime and criminals in your communities and ensure that they are brought to book.

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