Maize Roasting Vendors Flood Bulawayo CBD

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Maize Roasting Vendors Flood Bulawayo CBD

Bulawayo City fathers have bemoaned an upsurge in the number of illegal maize roasting vendors in the City’s Central Business District.

As a result, the council has been forced to chase after the vendors who present a fire hazard.

Parts of the minutes submitted by the director of health services read in part:

The population of these vendors has increased to virtually every street corner. These vendors were using hot charcoal which could also be a fire hazard. He also observed scrap metal refuse was an eyesore and had not been collected in the city for a long time.

Chamber secretary Sikhangele Zhou said that the enforcement by-laws regarding maize roasting were in progress, adding that an operation to weed the vendors out of the CBD was underway.


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