ZOL Introduces USD Pricing

5 years agoSun, 17 Mar 2019 11:52:00 GMT
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ZOL Introduces USD Pricing

ZOL Zimbabwe announced today that it now has optional USD pricing for its internet packages. The prices, based on ZOL historical pricing, are the ones that were in effect in 2017 about a year after the introduction of the Bond Notes.

ZOL customers still have the option to buy in RTGS$ but that price has been increased to reflect the current exchange rate of the RTGS$ against the US Dollar. The company says it has used the rate – 1USD: 2.5 RTGS$

Here’s a table with the new USD pricing and RTGS$ pricing:

New ZOL Subscription (1 April 2019)

Package NameBase US$RTGS$
Fibroniks Lite$29.00$72.50
Fibroniks Lite + Night Owl$35.00$87.50
Fibroniks Basic Essentials$39.00$97.50
Fibroniks Basic + Night Owl$47.00$117.50
Fibroniks Family Essentials$89.00$222.50
Fibroniks Family Essentials + Night Owl$105.00$262.50
Fibroniks Family Entertainment$149.00$372.50
Fibroniks Modern Family$199.00$497.50
Fibroniks Turbo Pack$339.00$847.50
Fibroniks ZOOM$19.00$47.50
Wibroniks Unlimited$72.00$179.00


ZOL New Top Up Prices (Effective 1 April 2019)

Top-up NameBase US$RTGS$
Fibroniks 1GB$3.00$7.50
Fibroniks 2GB$5.00$12.50
Fibroniks 5GB$10.00$25.00
Fibroniks 10GB$19.00$48
Fibroniks 25GB$40.00$100
WiBroniks 5GB$6.00$15
WiBroniks 10GB$12.00$29
WiBroniks 25GB$20.00$49
WiBroniks 35GB$23.00$57
WiBroniks 50GB$36.00$89.00



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