'Dump Multi-Currency & Bring Back Zim Dollar'

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'Dump Multi-Currency & Bring Back Zim Dollar'

A Zimbabwean journalist based in the United Kingdom has called for the re-introduction of the defunct Zimbabwean dollar.

Brian Musonza claimed that the adoption of the multi-currency regime is the worst decision ever made. He said:

The decision to adopt the US dollar as the official currency is the worst economic decision ever made in this country (Fact).

The country could have easily nursed the Zim Dollar using the GNU political unity and trudged gingerly bit by bit.

Whatever the excuses and reasons people may come up with; in my view, multi-currency goes down as the worst decision ever made in the history of economics; and again like land reform, we are now a case study in the economics literature on what not do when faced with such a scenario. And the only solution to this misery is a complete reversal of that madness.

Failure to do that you will all perish in those large structures of mansions and in your cars. Bring back the Zim Dollar or peril.

I have never ever seen a country with so many fuel guzzling 4x4s. The ones on the road and the ones on the market. Small and big expensive cars; not just in the city, in the rural too.

More cars; high fuel demand. And high energy import bill; big impact on the current account. Current Account is the nerve centre of national currency.

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