FULL TEXT: LEAD Calls For A Commission Of Inquiry Over Power Cuts

5 years agoThu, 16 May 2019 22:45:46 GMT
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FULL TEXT: LEAD Calls For A Commission Of Inquiry Over Power Cuts

Load shedding press release

Darkness has always been a scary nightmare in everyone’s childhood life. We always cling onto light when darkness pays us its inevitable visit every day of the Lord. Light illumination is a prerequisite in powering a nation and fostering a vibrant economy anchored on powerful production lines.

In these modern times, electricity is the one stop shop for light and power twin pillars on which the very foundations of both natural and legal persona are sustained. Modern technology has its essence and premises to germinate, nurture and perfect all inventions to progressive precision levels.

Power and lighting are the breath of life to all institutions, businesses, communications, religions and life in general in any country. Without electricity, livelihoods are compromised and rendered primitive and substandard.

For any leadership worth it’s salt, surely this necessitates and demands priorities that place power as the basic essential which should enjoy the first position in a well informed, sane and nation sensitive preference scale.

It, therefore, defies all logic for any party that claims to ardently care and feel for its people to be seen approving abnormal loading shedding schemes as its economic survival strategy.

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One wonders why heads are not rolling at ZESA unless the powers that be are complicit to the cause of this bad omen. This is not only tantamount to sabotage but in the background of near economic collapse, it hovers around state security threat levels.

The Question is why now of all times? Imagine coming home burdened by slaving for merger salaries the worker is welcomed by formidable and frustrating darkness.

Is it because the esteemed and educated ZESA executives and directorate were not following weather predictions or they are a part of the west sponsored saboteurs and regime change agents.

If this does not warrant a commission of inquiry then I don’t know what does. Cry the beloved motherland. I can hear the sustained and cherished derision of our detractors.

As LEAD we bleed inside to see a deserving, hardworking nation whose majority are workers being relentlessly and perennially plunged into darkness and thereby left powerless due to the insensitive, cruel and inconsiderate high office load shedding approvals.

Load shedding actually sheds livelihoods. Imagine the wanton damage in terms of lost business this trickles down every family setup. Surely, strategic fall-back initiatives and interventions must be put in place to cushion the nation from these counterproductive power shedding schemes.

Load shedding doesn’t come by default but by design meaning that they are well planned hence the call for equally planned for intervention strategies. If one is man enough to plan and execute load shedding then he must be equally man enough to provide effective alternatives.

It is the cruelty of the highest order to approve such a massive economic predator and surely witness ruthless carnage of businesses in all our sectors.

Our industries are doing the best they can to sustain our ailing economy but the very leadership of ZANU-PF, that purports to heal the economy stands aloof while ZESA mercilessly throws spanners in the works. As rulers of the nation, why are you ball watching when such counterproductive practices become the order of the day.

This is not the time to diligently wait for fate to be the ultimate decider. This consistent failure by the government of the day calls for a wise alternative in terms of LEADership.

The nation needs urgent practicable strategies and solutions that will LEAD Zimbabwe back to its original breadbasket position. It is apparent the new dispensation leaders are neither leading nor governing but just involved in perpetual fire fighting as they fumble from one economic challenge to the next.

Instead of chartering private planes President Mnangagwa’s government should invest those millions into clean renewable energy. It’s evident that Zimbabwe has never been open for business as there is no investor who would invest in a country with no energy.

We can’t revive Zimbabwe’s economy without energy. Stop wasting money on useless functions and implement sustainable clean energy policies. Solar energy is the solution to Zimbabwe’s power crisis and will reduce the deficit as ZESA has clearly failed to cope with the ever-increasing national demand for power.

The long term solution is to allow private investors to join hands with the government and invest in the energy sector Without a stable, constant and reliable supply of power, no investor will choose to invest in Zimbabwe.

It is time to be serious about this energy crisis which has bedevilled our nation for years. It is rather unfortunate that countries with limited sunshine have invested in solar energy whilst Afrika and my beloved Zimbabwe does not take serious investment in solar energy.

Linda T. Masarira LEAD President

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