Hwange FC Players Avoid Injuries In Team Bus Accident

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Hwange FC Players Avoid Injuries In Team Bus Accident

Hwange players had a close shave with death on Sunday on their return from their match against Black Rhinos after being involved in an accident.

The accident occurred just after Bulawayo, along the Victoria Falls road when a haulage truck that was driving in the opposite direction hit the trailer of the Hwange team bus.

The mishap was confirmed by a club technical official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Said the official:

The haulage truck driver lost and encroached into our lane. Our driver was quick to react and swerved to the left to save the situation and the haulage truck could only hit the trailer of our bus.

It was so close, but thanks to the alertness of the driver, and also we thank God for protecting us, otherwise we could have been talking something else.

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