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ZAPU Calls For Construction Of A Gukurahundi Genocide Museum

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ZAPU Calls For Construction Of A Gukurahundi Genocide Museum

Opposition political party, ZAPU says that there is a need to establish a national Gukurahundi Genocide museum which will remind future generations of the heinous crime and act as a deterrent against similar acts.

ZAPU spokesperson, Iphuthule Maphosa told journalists in Bulawayo on Tuesday that Zimbabwe’s war history has been doctored by ZANU PF. He said:

A Zimbabwe National Genocide Monument of Matebeleland must be constructed and maintained in perpetuity at a national level to remind future generations of the evils of the genocide as an educational deterrent against such reactionary and primitive tendencies.

… A lot of our history is distorted. Most of history has been doctored in order to portray the ruling Zanu PF in a good light. All history to do with Zapu and its affiliate organisations like ZIPRA has been relegated to the periphery.

Maphosa further demanded that the victims of Gukurahundi should be compensated and civil documents are given to families of people massacred during the genocide. Said Maphosa:

The government must compensate the victims of genocide. This compensation must be at regional, community, family and individual levels.

The government of Zimbabwe must also declare all persons who were caused to disappear through being killed or illegally executed by the Fifth Brigade and other coercive organs of the state during the genocide and issue civil documents to their families and descendants.

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