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Funeral Policies Round Up: Compare And Contrast Basic Services Offered By Different Providers

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Funeral Policies Round Up: Compare And Contrast Basic Services Offered By Different Providers

What Is A Funeral Policy?

I personally would confuse a funeral policy and a life assurance plan until one Zimbo in not so many words told me to google the differences. A funeral Policy according to w24 is:

Funeral insurance is a life insurance policy where the benefit is used towards funeral expenses. The benefit can be in the form of a funeral service, a cash benefit that could be used towards a funeral, or a combination of the two.

From that definition, we can easily pick that there are 2 different benefits that a beneficiary can get from their policy.

1.  A Funeral Service

These are services that include body removal, a coffin, a hearse, wash and dress, a bus, groceries ( in some cases) and assistance in physical burial. These are the companies in Zimbabwe that offer these services.

Funeral CompanyServices Offered Packages
RuvimboCoffin/casket of own choice. Covers member spouse and children below 18 years/ 23 years if still going to school 24/7 body removals Mortuary services Washing and dressing Embalming Chapel services Hearse nationwide Lowering machine Grave tent Family Package $25 All Plan $35-$73 Pamavapo $20
Doves Immediate cover for the family Transport to anywhere in Zimbabwe All services - removal, assistance with documentation, use of mortuary, wash and dress, embalming, use of chapel,grave site tent, lowering device Grocery allowance for the policyholder's immediate family dependents i.e policy holder, spouse and children For a competitive premium you also get bus for mourners (immediate family only) Bus for dependents is optional State of the art casketsBasic with bus $31 Basic without bus $ 21 Traditional With Bus $36 Traditional without bus $25Classical with bus $39 Classical without bus $28Executive with bus $49 Executive without bus $36
NyaradzoBody removals 24/7 Mortuary Services - Storage, body preservation and preparation Burial, Cremation and Incineration Coffins, Caskets and Ash Urns Blankets, Laces, Reed mats and Floral tributes Exhumations Memorial tributes Repatriations and Expatriation Funeral documentation Hearses and Buses Video recording and photographySilver package with a bus $ 13.98 Silver package without a bus $ 5.8 Gold Plus with a bus $14.84 Gold Plus Without a bus $6.7Gold Plus with a bus $16.04 Gold Plus without a bus $7.8Platinum Plus with a bus $19.62 Platinum Plus without a bus $11.84
Moonlight Hearse The company will provide the top of the range hearse for the burial of the member. Casket Provision of Casket. Grocery Allowance The company will immediately pay a grocery allowance of 10% of the Sum Assured upon approval of a claim. Preparation/Embalming The policyholder will have access to video filming for the chapel proceedings and the burial of the deceased. Chapel The policyholder will have the opportunity to use our chapel for the funeral. Church stand, carperts, tents, umbrellas and lowering machine. The company will provide all the above items for the purpose of burial. Funeral Services apparel Flowers. Over night service. Grave fees in local authority cemetries.Standard Group Rate Without transport $9.45 Standard Group rate with Mini Bus $13. 50Standard Group Rate with Bus $19.58

Things to note

  1. All premiums are in RTGS Dollars
  2. Nyaradzo charges per person not per family
  3. Almost all other packages are per family of 2 parents and their children which are below the age of 23
  4. Packages that include grandparents are also available at Ruvimbo and Nyaradzo and they are
  5. Fidelity also offers these funeral services listed here. Contact them for more information.
  6. Moonlight has another package that includes a cash back option get in touch with them to know more
  7. Single people policies are also available at Doves

2. A Cash Benefit

These are the services that include a cash payout to help out with funeral expenses in case a member or policyholder dies. These companies( and many more) provide these services

Issuer Plan Name Premium Payout Sum
CBZCBZ Funeral Cash Plan $1.10 per person$500 to $5000
First Mutual e-FML Mobile Funeral Cash Plan $0.80 to $3.40 per child $1.60 to $6.40 per adult $1000 to $4000
Cell Insurance Cell Funeral Cash plan $1.05 to $25 upto $5000
CoverLink Finance Mhuri Yose Funeral cash Plan$0.90 to $37.50 per family upto $3800
Old Mutual Old Mutual Funeral Plan $1 per personupto $5000
ZB Bank Medi Funeral Plan$6 to $120 upto $2000
CABS Bank CABS Funeral Plan$1 per personupto 5000
POSB Bank POSB Funeral Cash Plan$0.80 to $2.40 per personupto $1500
Zimpost PostLife Funeral plan$0.40 to $2.40 for children and $0.80 to $4.80 for adults upto $ 3000



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