Overcharging Businesses To Lose Operating Licenses - Matemadanda

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Overcharging Businesses To Lose Operating Licenses - Matemadanda

ZANU PF political commissar, Victor Matemadanda, on Monday visited several shops in Bulawayo and bemoaned the high prices that he witnessed.

Speaking to State media after the tour, Matemadanda said he will report the situation to President Emmerson Mnangagwa so that corrective action will be taken. Said Matemadanda:

I came to Bulawayo to see if prices have been reduced in the shops following the announcement by President Mnangagwa.

It’s unfortunate that prices are still too high in most of the shops and this must come to an end. I’ll report back to the President so that corrective measures are taken to protect the consumers.

What is happening here is daylight robbery and it must stop. There will be penalties for all businesses overpricing their goods and we’ll name and shame them.

Every shop has an operating licence. We’re going to make sure that some of these licences are withdrawn and given to patriotic and responsible people.

He said that overcharging is a form of corruption and businesses that are overpricing should be punished for that.

Bulawayo residents who spoke to Matemadanda implored the government to deal with water and electricity shortages, cash shortages, overcharging by landlords and the scourge of unemployment.

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