Lions Terrorise Chipinge Villagers

4 years ago
Sat, 13 Jul 2019 01:41:46 GMT
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Lions Terrorise Chipinge Villagers

Chipinge villagers are having sleepless nights after a pride of lions suspected to have escaped from the Save Conservancy, killed cattle and other livestock.

In Chibuwe and Middle Sabi, the lions reportedly killed 30 cattle.

There are fears that the lions may soon attack humans, especially school-going children.

A villager from Chipinge’s Ward 20, Abort Jeza, told Manica Post that he lost his cattle on Monday. He said:

We have a serious problem of stray lions from the Save Conservancy which are roaming in Chibuwe and Middle Sabi areas. The lions are wreaking havoc in these areas, killing livestock.

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We are left with no option on where to graze our cattle. The whole area along the Save River, which encompasses our communal grazing land, has been invaded by lions.

The lions are breeding and their numbers continue swelling. The predators are no longer returning to the game park because they have tasted our cattle, which are easy prey.

We are living in perpetual fear as some of the villagers have been attacked while looking for their cattle. These lions also draw closer to our homes during the night, killing our goats.

Another villager revealed that over 1 000 domestic animals have been killed by lions since the perimeter fence at the Save Conservancy was vandalised.

The villager urged the government to consider compensating farmers whose livestock was killed by the lions.

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