ZESA Owes Harare City Council $135 Million - Mayor

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ZESA Owes Harare City Council $135 Million - Mayor

Harare City Council is owed approximately $135 million in royalties and way-leaves by the Zimbabwe Electricity and Supply Authority (ZESA).

This was revealed by Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba in an interview with The Herald. He said:

We are owed a lot of money and Zesa owes us around $135 million, that is for royalties and way-leaves that they have not been paying for nearly 30 years.

We are also owed a lot in terms of rent and usage of our properties like Harare Thermal Station, Wynne Street offices and several others that they are renting from us.

We have since refused to give them title deeds on the basis that until and unless they come forward to settle what they owe us, we are not going to budge.

Cllr Gomba said that ZESA Holdings’ failure to pay its dues has adversely affected service delivery by the City Fathers. He added:

We kindly ask them to come forward and pay up, so that in the end we can be seen giving service to our people.

Beyond this interview, I will be able to engage the minister (Advocate Chasi) and enlighten him because I think he is getting one side of the story only from the Zesa people so that he gets acquainted with issues to do with royalties, way-leaves, leases and trenching and usage of properties they are using such as Wynne Street.

After all, Zesa was started by municipal assets, actually, it is supposed to be our company, not a central Government company and we should be a shareholder.

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