We All Have A Role To Play In Dealing With Energy Crisis - Minister Chasi

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We All Have A Role To Play In Dealing With Energy Crisis - Minister Chasi

Energy and Power Development Minister, Fortune Chasi said that the electricity crisis the country is facing is no longer a challenge but has now become a huge problem.

In a speech read on his behalf by deputy minister Magna Mudyiwa at the Mine Entra conference in Bulawayo last week, Chasi called upon all citizens and corporates to actively participate in dealing with the problem of power shortages. He said:

We are in a dire situation as a country and as I keep saying, it has graduated from being a challenge to being a huge problem.

The way forward is for all of us to share the pain and play an active role in alleviating this problem we all face collectively.

Gone are the days where the government used to provide all solutions; we now call for citizens and corporates to take active participation in all issues to do with the economy.

Chasi said that it is not necessary to point fingers at each other as everyone is responsible for the current crisis. He added:

We have all been irresponsible in our role as electricity consumers and as such, we have lost the moral high ground to criticise Zesa or my ministry for the load-shedding we are currently experiencing.

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