FULL THREAD: Women Told To Support 'Small House' Law As It Will Secure Them

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FULL THREAD: Women Told To Support 'Small House' Law As It Will Secure Them

A social activist, Shingirai Mutero, has advised women to support the controversial Marriage Bill as it would protect women who are in unrecognised long-term relationships.

Mtero argues that the law will not make men cheat as they are already cheating. She posits that law or no law, men will continue to cheat. The new Marriage Bill was meant to protect all women, she argues. Writing on Twitter, Mtero said:

This narrative that legislating to protect small houses will encourage people to cheat is problematic. YOUR HUSBANDS ARE ALREADY CHEATING. And sorry to tell you, he will CONTINUE to cheat. This moral concern is patriarchally scapegoating. This law protects women, hence the backlash.

The truth is cheaters don’t need encouragement or moral support to cheat! So if your person cheats, the problem is hunhu wemunhu akakuroora. This law will not make him cheat less, the current Marriage Act had not stopped, the new one will encourage him

This law caters for the REALITY of Zim. How many of your friends call themselves ‘2nd wife’ when you know havazi mubarika? You know your friend is a small house. We can’t have laws for a fantasy world where people don’t cheat. Hatizi mapopai. PEOPLE CHEAT AND WILL CONTINUE TO CHEAT.

What this law does is hold people accountable if they have a long term relationship with someone, live as a couple or have kids. Women do some introspection: Are you scared that this law will MAKE your husband cheat? Or that it will make it harder TO PRETEND he doesn’t cheat?



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