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Fixing Politics Is Fixing The Economy In Zimbabwe! - Chamisa

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Fixing Politics Is Fixing The Economy In Zimbabwe! - Chamisa

The youthful MDC Alliance leader has come out to say the economic crisis in the county can simultaneously be solved by fixing the politics that mare troubled Zimbabwe. This comes at the back of some people urging him to accept that president Mnangagwa is the legitimate president a stance he has denied for a year now.

In his tweet, Chamisa still maintains the legitimacy issue is one of the contributing factors to our woes as a nation:

At the heart of economic meltdown is politics. Simply a crisis of governance and legitimacy. This political crisis can’t be fixed by mere text book approaches, number crunching, financial gymnastics and statistical engineering. Fixing politics is fixing the economy in Zimbabwe!

Chamisa did not divulge any strategy that can be used to fix the politics of Zimbabwe. We will update this article as more information come in.



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