Please Don't Let This Be The Death Of Zimbabwe Cricket - ESPN

4 years agoSat, 10 Aug 2019 04:03:52 GMT
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Please Don't Let This Be The Death Of Zimbabwe Cricket -  ESPN

The Southern Africa Correspondent for ESPN has lamented the possible consequences of the ICC suspension of ZC. In an article he wrote he said when all else fail people should scream or make enough noise to draw attention.  Brickhill wrote:

It’s not the end of the world, but the ICC’s announcement that Zimbabwe’s spots at the men’s and women’s World T20 Qualifiers have been handed to Nigeria and Namibia effectively removes the raison d’être for the country’s national squads. It’s impossible to escape the feeling that this is an ending. That a door has been slammed shut.

The full wrath of the collective punishment meted out to Zimbabwean administrators, players and umpires alike is just one more thing that these people now have to deal with, along with everything else in this beguiling, broken nation.

Zimbabwe is a country of contradictions that will break your heart with its cruelty and mend it with its beauty. The malfeasance of its politics is beyond satire, the resilience of its citizens beyond reproach. It is both the best and the worst place in the world to live

This is the reality that Zimbabwean cricketers (now possibly ex-cricketers) live with. Although they are among the 1% in their country, their situation is almost unthinkable for most players in other Full Member nations, let alone the likes of David Warner or Virat Kohli at the top end of the game.

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Kohli played 14 IPL games last season. For that, he was paid roughly US$2.5 million. That works out to about $178,000 per game. Last season Zimbabwean franchise cricketers were paid a daily stipend of $10. Under suspension, Zimbabwe will not be able to stage a domestic season this year and those meagre amounts will also be taken away, along with everything else, in a country where most are living hand to mouth. Already, no one has been paid since June. It’s hard to envisage a better way to kill the game outright in Zimbabwe

Between times, there have been many, many bad decisions made in the running of Zimbabwean cricket over the years. Countless instances of government, politicians and politics twisting the sport to suit changing agendas, of self-interest overtaking unity among the players. In hindsight, the SRC’s recent decisions, riding roughshod to sort it all out, don’t look great either. And nor do the ICC’s, which have heaped trouble on trouble.

It’s time for everyone to start making good decisions. Zimbabwe’s absence from the World T20 is not the end of the world. But expulsion will be.

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