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Breaking Through The Overqualification Ceiling - Expert

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Breaking Through The Overqualification Ceiling - Expert

A columnist at the Newsday has given the following tips when applying for a job you are overqualified for. The Columnist says employers have problems hiring overqualified people because

  1. They fear you won’t take instructions
  2. They fear you may possibly be unhappy with less challenging responsibilities.
  3. They fear you will leave the moment something better comes along
  4. They fear they may not be able to pay you enough to match your qualifications

Here is what the columnist recommends that you do in case a position sprouts up and you are overqualified for it but you want it nonetheless.

  1. Display a winning attitude, a willingness to learn and emphasise your
    eagerness to make a long-term contributions.
  2. Keeping your resume relevant, avoiding subjecting yourself to being asked questions related to overqualification
  3.  Limit your work history on your resumes. Keep your resume tailored to the job, knowing and bearing in mind that the most “qualified” candidates are not the most knowledgeable or the most experienced

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