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ZUPCO Responds To Reports That Fares Have Been Increased

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ZUPCO Responds To Reports That Fares Have Been Increased

ZUPCO has dismissed as malicious the reports that the public transport provider had increased its fares by at least 30%.

During the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays, a message made rounds on social media claiming that ZUPCO had reviewed up its fares. The message read:


ZUPCO Hikes bus fares by over 400%

Old Fare New Fare
50c. $2.
75c. $3.
$1.00 $4.
$1.50. $6

New Zupco fares shamhu ine munyu yairi pamusana.

Source Zimbodrive

In an interview with the Herald, Zupco chief executive, Mr Everisto Madangwa, dismissed the message. He said:

As Zimbabwe United Passenger Company, we would like to advise our valued commuters that we have not increased our fares as is being reported on social media.

ZUPCO would like to express its concern over the malicious social media messages. We urge passengers to disregard the misleading social media messages that are creating unnecessary panic mode and inconveniences.

The government rolled out the ZUPCO buses as a measure to cushion the general public from the high prices which were being charged by other public transport operators.

Some, however, argue that the strategy is not sustainable as the cost is outweighing the revenue realised.

ZUPCO contracted out the provision of public transport to some companies which are provided with fuel and money for their services.

Recently, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube revealed that ZUPCO was consuming about $13 million every month for its operations.

At the moment, the public transport system in the country is collapsed.

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