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OPINION: Zim In Doldrums One Year On

4 years ago
Sat, 31 Aug 2019 01:50:43 GMT
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OPINION: Zim In Doldrums One Year On

An editor at The Zimbabwe Independent has opined that Zim is in the doldrums one year after ED took the reigns. ED rescued Zimbabwe from Mugabe’s catastrophic rule which spans 3 and a half decades. Writing for the publication the editor said:

A year after winning the disputed poll, Mnangagwa has by all objective measures largely failed to deliver on the raft of pledges he pronounced, predicated on transforming Zimbabwe’s comatose economy into an upper middle-income economy by 2030, as well as entrenching democratic tenets.

Mnangagwa has dragged his feet in implementing the recommendations of the commission of inquiry chaired by former South African president Kgalema Motlanthe. A
year after the shootings, the killers have not been prosecuted — despite graphic video evidence — while the victims and their families have still not found justice and closure.

Ironically, after the shootings, Mnangagwa’s administration again unleashed the full might of state security to quash widespread street protests in January after government
increased the price of fuel by 150%, worsening the economic turmoil. In the wake of the demonstrations, which brought Zimbabwe to a standstill, security agents again gunned down
17 people, dashing the hopes of optimists who believed Mnangagwa’s new dispensation.

This month, security agents violently dispersed crowds in the aftermath of a ban on opposition protests which were billed to kick-start in the capital. Human rights defenders and the international community waded in again, condemning Mnangagwa’s government for its propensity to employ brute force in the face of dissent. Scores of opposition activists were also abducted by unknown assailants, assaulted and left for dead, culminating in a chorus of condemnation of Mnangagwa’s administration by the international community.

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A year after inauguration, the economy remains in the doldrums, while electricity and fuel shortages have negatively affected production. Although he promised electricity, the reality is that the country is now going for up to 18 hours without electricity daily. Instead of jobs being created, many workers are in fact losing employment as companies struggle to stay afloat because of the increased costs of production.

As the economic crisis deepens, characterised by widespread company closures, Zimbabwe is in the throes of unemployment, estimated at 95%. As industrial output shrinks, exports have waned too, with exporting firms noting that red tape and the soaring cost of doing business were stifling the sector. Some companies have to pay up to ZW$20 000 just to export a product, and they have to go through a cumbersome process to pay this amount to various institutions.

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