"A Lame-duck President With Two Thirds Majority", Analyst

3 years ago
Wed, 02 Oct 2019 04:00:20 GMT
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"A Lame-duck President With Two Thirds Majority", Analyst

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been characterised as a lame-duck president after the first session of the Ninth Parliament failed to deliver on the legislative agenda he laid down despite enjoying a two-thirds majority.

Writing for NewsDay, freelance journalist Paidamoyo Muzulu opines that President Mnangagwa was long on promises and short on delivery when it came to the democratisation and economic revival agenda he had set out to achieve. He writes:

That Mnangagwa failed to utilise his honeymoon phase, squandering the goodwill that was bestowed on him, points to either an incompetent leader who got into office by accident without a plan or a man who, despite having a two-thirds majority, does not control his party.

The man has never been certain that he controls the Zanu PF parliamentary caucus, hence his reluctance to bring Bills that may be defeated despite having a super-majority.

The second session of the Ninth Parliament is not expected to produce much either as President Mnangagwa will be focused on managing the internecine ZANU PF factional battles.

With the economic environment getting worse, he may resort to repression to stifle dissent as threats of protests will grow by the day.

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