Govt Decentralises Recruitment Of Nurses After ZAPU Protests At Mpilo

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Govt Decentralises Recruitment Of Nurses After ZAPU Protests At Mpilo

The government of Zimbabwe has moved to decentralise the recruitment of student nurses following public outcry and protests by ZAPU at Mpilo hospital.

The outcry came after the recruitment process which had been done in Harare, with names being sent down to hospitals resulted in the bulk of students coming from the capital.

In a statement, Health Minister, Obadiah Moyo insisted that the process was fair. He added:

Going forward, the electronic recruitment will be administered by the province and central hospitals starting with the May 2020 intake. The government will continue to put in place measures and policies that will curb corruption.

The computerised random nature of the e-selection process eliminates bias, human error and offers equal chances of selection to each and every applicant across the country. The random selection and placement of trainees across the geographical regions enables cross fertilisations and experiences by trainees across the cultural diversities of Zimbabwe.

He added that the “independent” recruitment process resulted in students not being posted to provinces where they came from.

The electronic system was recommended by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission after corruption had been discovered in the manual recruitment process.

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