New Statutory Instrument Bans The Installation Of Electricity Geysers On New Properties

3 years ago
Wed, 13 Nov 2019 11:26:43 GMT
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New Statutory Instrument Bans The Installation Of Electricity Geysers On New Properties

SI 235 of 2019  states that properties under construction now and all properties that don’t have an electricity geyser right now will not be allowed to install an electricity geyser from the day the SI is effected.

The new SI reads in part:

Subject to section 3, no owner of the premises after the effective day of these regulations shall connect electrical geysers but may, at his or her own expense, install and use solar water heating systems.


6. (1) Upon application, the Authority shall exempt from these
(a) premises with technical limitations;
(b) premises supplied with hot water from a cogeneration plant in or proximate to the premises;
(c) premises utilising electricity generated from renewable energy and the excess is used to heat water as dump load; or
(d) such other premises as the Authority may determine.
(2) An application for an exemption under subsection (1) shall be made to the Authority, in the form set out in the First Schedule, before the submission of the building plans for approval to the relevant local authority.
(3) The Authority shall process an application for an exemption within 30 days of receipt thereof, and inform the applicant and the relevant local authority of its decision, in writing.
(4) The Authority shall, where it refuses to grant an exemption, give the applicant reasons for the refusal.

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This comes at a time Zimbabwe is having an electricity shortage crisis caused by a number of reasons chief among them deteriorating water levels at the country’s biggest hydro plant in Kariba.

Read the full new SI here.



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