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"A lizard is not a crocodile!" Reactions To Chiwenga's Return

3 years ago
Sat, 23 Nov 2019 06:13:59 GMT
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"A lizard is not a crocodile!" Reactions To Chiwenga's Return

Here are some select reactions by Zimbabweans on Twitter to the return of the country’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to Zimbabwe after at least 4 months away in China.


Dear @nickmangwana – here is the picture of VP Mohadi arriving at the Airport. I see State Security Minister and government Delegation. Why are you not according the same to General Chiwenga – Ali Naka


By 31st December; a lot of changes will have happened. Musadyiwa netsananguro – @Mavhure

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Ko vaye vaye vaida chigaro chake vachapinda pai? Ndinoona paGoromonzi pakaipa apa. Remember 2006 Goromonzi Conference wanted RGM gone, refused his 2010 project & led to early parliamentary elections? MPs terms were cut by 2 yrs. Will history repeat itself? – jealousy mawarire 


General Chiwenga is back & looking fit. He was received at RGM Airport in Harare early this morning by Chinese Deputy Ambassador, Zhao Baogang. While @ZimpapersI were on duty to capture the arrival, no govt or ZanuPF officials were seen save for Chiwenga’s relatives & security!

Wait & see who’s next to be sent packing. Rolling……!

A lizard is not a crocodile! – Prof Jonathan Moyo


Zimbabweans do not be fooled! Nothing is going to change. Chiwenga and ED jointly planned and executed the coup. They are partners. You think becoz Generari is back, you will now see another coup?😂😂😂😂 forget it. Free yourself. No one is coming to save us. – Biso Mayele


Welcome back Cde Chiwenga our VP. Looking great!!  – Zanu PF Youth League


The Retired General is back in Zimbabwe after a long absence due to illness. The small detail that he is welcomed home by the guest, China’s Deputy Ambassador cannot be irrelevant. – Alex Magaisa



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