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The Period During Which Lake Kariba Reaches Peak Water Level Revealed

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The Period During Which Lake Kariba Reaches Peak Water Level Revealed

The Zambezi River is important to both Zimbabwe and Zambia since the world’s largest man-made lake, Lake Kariba, straddles across the Zambezi.

The Lake is used for recreation and fishing purposes, with hydro-electricity generation being its most strategic economic function.

Due to prolonged drought over the Southern African region, Kariba Dam’s water levels have receded alarmingly and there are fears that the dam may be decommissioned soon.

According to Business Times, 80% of water flows into the Zambezi is from Angola, DRC and Zambia, among other catchments in the north of the flood plains. The remaining 20% is from Zimbabwe, which has only two rivers which supply water into Kariba namely Sanyati and Gwaai rivers.

A strong flow of the Zambezi River is noticed in Victoria Falls, which is about 120 kilometres upstream, in around March or April of each year.

As such, Kariba Dam receives its optimum inflows around May, with the dam’s water levels reaching optimum levels around June.

The Zambezi River rises in a black marshy marshland in the miombo woodland 50 kilometres north of Mwinilunga and 20 kilometres south of Ikelenge in the Ikelenge District of North-Western Province, Zambia at about 1,524 metres above sea level.

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