"Half-backed" Or "Half-baked" Lawyer, Mutodi Ridiculed For Thabani Mpofu Jibe

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"Half-backed" Or "Half-baked" Lawyer, Mutodi Ridiculed For Thabani Mpofu Jibe

Deputy Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi, who claims to be a holder of a doctorate degree, has been mocked for his tweet on Thursday calling Advocate Thabani Mpofu a “half-backed” lawyer instead of “half-baked”.

Commenting on Mutodi’s infamous tweet, United Kingdom-based constitutional law expert and political commentator Alex Magaisa wrote:

Lawyers have been called many things but “half-backed” has to be a first. (Credit goes to Zimbabwe’s information deputy minister (Orwellian Minister of Truth).

One Gerrard Belts responded with a question, asking Mutodi if President has become divine. He wrote:

Agova Jesu here anoita resurrect?

Mutodi had earlier ridiculed Advocate Mpofu, a lawyer who became a household name because of his legal jargon when he represented MDC leader Nelson Chamisa during his challenge of presidential election results at the Constitutional Court in 2018. Mutodi wrote;

A half-backed lawyer Thabani Mpofu purports that a President on leave cannot perform executive functions. Even after delegation, the principal is still accountable & responsible for the actions of his proxy. He can resurrect from his leave & perform executive duties at any time.

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